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Trust in What is Written
Ilse and Moritz don’t actually connect. That’s the point of the scene. Ilse has fled this hideous situation where she’s been continually raped, basically, by these older artists. And she’s coming back home, in shame, terrified. And of all the people she should run into, my God, it’s Moritz Stiefel, with whom she had this connection when they were children. And of all the people for him to see: at the last possible moment comes this girl who might actually be able to give him the one thing he hasn’t had, and it’s so tempting. But they don’t connect. So the scene is all about disconnection. That’s why I staged them speaking into microphones, facing the audience and not each other.
~ Dir. Michael Mayer, Spring Awakening: In The Flesh (via isthisapiano)
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Just thought I’d bring the Spring Awakening Medley I put together a while back (:

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Q&A with the Cast of Spring Awakening December 10, 2013


It’s been seven whole years since the off-Broadway premiere of Spring Awakening, the youth-oriented musical that became a Tony-winning Broadway musical hit and introduced the world to such breakout stars as Lea Michele (Glee), Jonathan Groff (Frozen), and John Gallagher Jr. (Newsroom).

Now, the Atlantic Theatre Company has reassembled the entire original cast to launch a new social-media campaign, ATC Uncovered, which aims to connect fans to the inner-workings of the off-Broadway company. In addition to the the exclusive video below, in which Michele and Groff recall the first performances of Spring Awakening in ATC’s tiny 199-seat theater, the program will include a live-stream Facebook Q&A event with the cast on Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. ET, hosted by original castmate Brian Charles Johnson.

“This is where our love blossomed,” Michele and Groff say of the reunion, captured in this exclusive video clip. It’s really an amazing thing to watch these twentysomethings rekindle their friendship. Watch below, and prepare to have your “Totally F—ed” memories come flooding back!

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Dear Spring Awakening fandom




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Reunited and it feels so good!!!! :)

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