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Trust in What is Written
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the part in my junk in spring awakening where are the girls sing and dance around hanschen in a ring while he masturbates to the beat of the song with georg shoving his face into his piano teachers boobs in the background is probably the most beautiful scene in all of musical theatre

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Haven’t you heard the word of your body?

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Hey all! I’m currently in Spring Awakening and decided to do this little advertising project for my second weekend of shows.
Not asking anyone here to come- for all I know whoever sees this is halfway across the world- but feel free to share it :) 

PS. Top photo, bottom left is me! :D

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it’s cold in these bones of a man and a child

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mama who bore me / spring awakening OBC

newyorkshows - showtune of the day

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Spring Awakening LA 2012, in rehearsal.

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Oh my goodness it’s “Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)” in French.

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